Case study 2.2 union carbide and the bhopal disaster

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Bhopal disaster

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Humankind scientists also suggested that higher water might have been divided as a "back-flow" from a defectively glowing vent-gas scrubber. The case of Bhopal disaster has 3 main agents: Union Carbide Corporation (UCC), Union Carbide India (UCI) and the Indian government.

Since the inception of the plant inthe Indian government clearly focused on economic benefits and not health and safety. During the 's, as Union Carbide continued to provide interim relief funds and work with the Bhopal community on medical and economic aid, legal actions proceeded in both the U.S.

and India. The courts ultimately decided that India was the proper country for legal proceedings. ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICOLOGY AND HUMAN HEALTH – Vol. I - Case Study of the Bhopal Incident - Paul Cullinan ©Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS) Appendix Glossary Bibliography Biographical Sketch Summary The explosion at the Bhopal Union Carbide factory in is still the world’s most lethal industrial disaster.

The Bhopal disaster, also referred to as the Bhopal gas tragedy, was a gas leak incident on the night of 2–3 December at the Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) pesticide plant in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.

It was considered as of to be the world's worst industrial disaster. In the morning of December 3, a tragic event occurred in the city of Bhopal, the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. It has been known as the world's worst industrial disaster.

A Union Carbide India, Limited (UCIL)'s plant released 40 tonnes of methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas which instantly killed over 3, people and carrying on causing the. Within days of the disaster, American personal injury lawyers who had gone to Bhopal brought civil litigation in the U.S.

against Union Carbide Corporation (UCC).

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The cases were first brought on behalf of individual claimants by the U.S. lawyers and later by the Government of India (GOI) as statutory representative of all claimants under the Bhopal Gas Leak Disaster Act passed by the Indian .

Case study 2.2 union carbide and the bhopal disaster
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