Case study on airtel money

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Key Challenges Faced By Airtel

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Bharti Airtel SWOT

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Airtel Money: Can the African Success Be Replicated in India? Case Study Analysis & Solution

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Could not push to delay the purchasing of life capacity as it might think the quality of deciding. Airtel Money is an account on the Airtel mobile which can opened by anyone with an active airtel mobile number and can be used to transfer money, pay bills, recharge phone etc.

Airtel Money has three product offerings - Express Wallet, Power Wallet and Super Wallet. The study had three objectives namely to establish consumers’ attitudes towards using Airtel Money in Uganda, to evaluate the role of consumer skepticism in influencing usage of mobile banking products and to design appropriate strategies to improve usage of Airtel mobile products in Uganda.

IN MOBILE FINANCIAL SERVICES Tanzania Case Study TZS. Achieving Interoperability This case study examines Tanzania’s journey to-date in establishing rules to govern MFS interoperability by tracing the 21% Airtel Money.


Bharti Airtel SWOT

Agents as a Guide to Digital Financial Services. Mobile money has tremendous potential to help East Africans rise out of poverty. And while the industry has seen impressive growth, many customers are not actively using mobile money or moving beyond basic “send and receive” to realize the promise of financial inclusion.

The Equity branches and Equity Bank ATMs, will complement our 10, Airtel Money agents spread across Kenya thus making it easier and more convenient for customers to have guaranteed access to Airtel Money deposit and withdrawal of cash,” said Mr.

Jayant Khosla CEO Airtel Africa-. and Airtel Money (13 percent of the m-money market) are the second and third ranked providers. 4 Mobile Money in Tanzania: The FITS household studies in Pakistan, Tanzania and Uganda are three-year panel studies consisting of annual waves of face-to-face household surveys (N=2,

Case study on airtel money
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