Case study on autism-occupational therapy

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Why is occupational therapy important for autistic children?

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Case Studies

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Children with autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) tend to exhibit significantly different patterns of sensory processing to their peers and to children with other special educational needs (SEN).

It is estimated. Community based system dynamic as an approach for understanding and acting on messy problems: a case study for global mental health intervention in Afghanistan. Trani. In this case report, we describe the changes in adaptive behaviors and participation of 1 child with autism during a wk program of intensive occupational therapy using a sensory integrative approach (OT–SI) following a manualized protocol.

Additionally, MCI Practice Standard #4: Disclosing the Occupational Therapy Record (), states “the occupational therapist will transfer, share, or disclose personal information only with the express consent of the client unless otherwise permitted to do so by law” (p.

2). Conclusion: Although positive results were achieved within this case study, more extensive studies are needed to verify the efficacy of massage therapy on proprioceptive dysfunction in children with ASD. The current case-study was designed to bridge the gap in current research by investigating the effectiveness of individual versus group therapy for a six-year-old female with autism, and identifying.

Case study on autism-occupational therapy
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