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Taking Contractor Safety Standards to New Heights in India at the DuPont Knowledge Center

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6 1. Guruprasad Kudva 2. Victor Sinha 3. Basilica Varel 4. Sajesh Warrier Du Pont Case Study Capital Structure Statement of the Problem Determine a capital structure policy suitable for Du Pont in the s and beyond. This paper will consider the history of the company and the turbulent times of the s and s, weigh the advantages and disadvantages associated with higher and lower levels of debt, and develop a 1/5(1).

InDu Pont Co. is abruptly confronted with solid scientific evidence that chlorofluorocarbons substances destroy the earth ozone layer. Du Pont, with its Freon brand product line serving markets for foam insulation, electronics solvents, and especially refrigeration, was the world’s leading manufacturers of these chemicals.

Capital employed can be found from the statement of financial position by taking the shareholders funds (share capital and reserves) and long term debt. The ROCE can be broken down into 2 parts, operating profit margin and asset turnover.

e+uity, a source of capital that is more e3pensive than debt" *dditionally, Du Pont’s diversified business units provide e3tra protection from the added(on ris, of debt • Du Pont’s shares are undervalued due to investor conceptions from previous financial.

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Du pont case study capital
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