Event study

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What is a Cardiac Event Monitor Study

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Study: Half of people

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Event study

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imprecise predictions of an event study method may produce erroneous results. This paper performs simulations to compare a battery of short-run event study prediction and testing methods where samples are grouped by market equity, prior returns, book-to-market, and.

Cowan Research LC produces Eventus® software for financial research, education and consulting. Eventus performs state-of-the-art event study estimation and testing using the CRSP stock database or other stock return data and provides fast event-oriented data retrieval from the CRSP stock database.

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Nov 27,  · Download Event Study for free. Event studies in several statistical packages. Software to perform event studies in several statistical packages, such as SAS, Stata and R. An R package for conducting event studies and a platform for methodological research on event studies.

Note: This repository is not used any more.

Event study
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