Fastfit case questions 5 and 6

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Quarter confirmation of delivery date Related plans:. Fastfit Case Study Essay. Words Oct 15th, 6 Pages. Show More. A General Question Customer Questions (focus on the customer and FastFit process flows, i.e.

the front end of the diagram) 2. a) List the specific items of information that are usually gathered at the POS (Point of Sale terminal or cash register) and recorded when a. Supplier Questions (focus on the FastFit and Supplier process flows, i. e. the back end of the diagram) 5.

a) Draw a system diagram that shows the key information and product flows between FastFit (HQ and Warehouse) and a supplier, including the steps for ordering. The Liar TV 1 Season At the CARE detective agency, investigators see a lot of action but must always keep their cases secret, even when it affects their personal lives.

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FastFit Case Questions 5 and 6

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Fastfit case questions 5 and 6
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