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Bottled Water

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Case Study: A Bottled Water Brand, An Ethical Obligation, And Everything In Between

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FIJI Water: Carbon Negative Case Solution & Answer

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Fiji Water There are many things that make Fiji Water the second largest seller of bottled water in the United States, bested only by Evian, but I believe between the company’s packaging and labeling of its’ product and the fact that it comes from a natural underground source have played the largest roles in the growing success of Fiji Water.

The case examines the controversies surrounding this program as well as the program's impacts on the environment and FIJI Water's brand image. Introducing the Case The case traces the establishment and subsequent operation of Fiji Water LLC and its bottling subsidiary, Natural Waters of Viti Limited, the first company in Fiji extracting, bottling and marketing, both domestically and internationally, artesian water coming from a untouched ecosystem in the main of Fiji Islands.

Fiji Water’s site says the company has now planted acres of trees in Fiji, which was not the case in But it’s not enough to offset the company’s operations by a long shot. Fiji water fell as rain over hundreds of years. After filtering through After filtering through Fiji Natural Artesian Water - 1 Liter Bottles (Case of 12) by Fiji.

It is unconscionable for FIJI Water to charge double the price of its competitors by convincing consumers that drinking FIJI Water helps the environment, when in reality the opposite is true. Two causes of action, both stemming from California state law, are particularly appealing to the plaintiffs in this case.

Fiji water case
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Sustainability Law - FIJI Water Misrepresents its Sustainable Image by Mike Deskins