Genie case study privation

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Privation - Failure to Form an Attachment

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Bowlby's Attachment Theory

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Attachment Theory

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Institutionalisation Privation is the failure to form an attachment and can be caused following the death of both parents (most likely during times of war) resulting in children being raised in institutions or it can be caused by extreme neglect in which children are raised in isolation.

Genie (feral child)

Case Study of Genie (the feral child) General Story Between the age of 14 and 20 months Genie was just beginning to learn speech, a doctor told her family that she seemed to be developmentally delayed and possibly mildly retarded.

Privation of attachment and institutionalisation What have case studies of privation (Genie and the Czech Twins) and longitudinal studies of institutionalised children found about the effects of privation?

The case of Genie (Curtiss, ). One famous study on extreme privation is the case study of Genie: Genie was locked in a room by her father until she was thirteen and a half years old and never fully recovered and.

Privation - Failure to Form an Attachment. Saul McLeod, published Typically, research into privation uses the case study method to due to the obvious ethical issues of deliberately separating a child from their mother. Genie Case Study– Curtiss ()Author: Saul Mcleod.

The case of Genie Wiley is a remarkable case of a young child who endured severe neglect, abuse, malnutrition, isolation, and deprivation from her family.

With no apparent language skills, motor reflexes, or cognitive abilities; Genie was subjected to science experiments and ongoing testing of her abilities.

Genie case study privation
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