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view the case journal Emerging Markets Case Studies A collection of peer-reviewed teaching cases written by case writers working in or closely with developing economies focusing on business decision making and management development in key emerging markets. Journal of Case Studies (formerly Annual Advances in Business Cases) was established by the Society for Case Research ( to provide a continual flow of effective up-to-date cases to promote excellence in case research, writing, and process for publishing in this journal is to email the case and teaching note to journalofcasestudies.

Journal of Business Cases and Applications The Journal of Business Cases and Applications is dedicated to publishing quality applied business cases and classroom applications/exercises designed to assist business academics in the classroom.

If the address matches an existing account you will receive an email with instructions to reset your password. The case collection includes over 23, case studies, teaching notes, background notes, videos, and supplements, as well as Ivey Business Journal reprints.

Ivey Publishing also selectively accepts cases and teaching notes for registration from authors outside of the Richard Ivey School of Business. Home > International Journal of Teaching and Case Studies. International Journal of Teaching and Case Studies This journal also publishes Open Access articles.

Editor in Chief: value proposition is to gather an interdisciplinary forum of international scholars representing specialisations from business, marketing, finance.

Journal of business case studies
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