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10 Notorious Crimes of the 1960s That Shocked The Philippines (Part II)

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Maggie dela Riva

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They had been joined at their table by a certain Frankie whom they met only that incident. Miss De la Riva finished high school at Maryknoll College in Quezon City and a two-year secretarial course at St. Theresa’s College.

The movie star’s father, Juan de la Riva, 58, died in Her mother, Pilar Torrente de la Riva, is keeping house for the actress who is the sole breadwinner of the family.

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Mar 06,  · Dismayado ang aktres at rape victim na si Maggie dela Riva na hindi isinama ang panghahalay sa mga listahan ng krimen sa panukalang batas na maibalik ang death penalty. The complainant, Magdalena "Maggie" de la Riva, was, at the time of the incident, 25 years old and single; she graduated from high school in at Maryknoll College and finished the secretarial course in at St.

Theresa's College. His case received widespread attention, it being the first time a Filipino had been executed by the state since the reinstatement of the death penalty in had been condemned to die for abducting and raping the young actress Maggie dela Riva on June The incident became one of the country’s most sensational rape cases ever, as dela.

The three, including Rogelio Canal who died of a drug overdose a year earlier, had been condemned to die for abducting and raping the young actress Maggie dela Riva on June 26, The incident became one of the country’s most sensational rape cases ever, as dela Riva refused to back down in confronting the men who belonged to prominent and.

Maggie dela riva case st
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