Manzana case study

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Manzana Insurance The business problem: Profits are down.

Manzana Insurance Case

Why? • Essentially flat revenues (but increasing % from new policies) • Increased losses • Increased commissions & expenses • Increased operating expenses Operating Profit Variances 2Q '89 2Q '91 Variances Revenues $ % $ % $ %.

MANZANA INSURANCE. Operations Management Case Study Submitted to – Prof Jishnu hazra By VIVEK KUMAR BHAGBOLE ASHISH KUMAR DANDALE GAURAV KUMAR PRAVEEN P ABRAHAM SHWETA SRIVASTAVA /5(15). – Industrial Case Study Instructors Professor Xinxin Hu Email: [email protected] Office Phone: Office: ETB Course Description Overview: Business is a process by which inputs of materials, labor, capital, and information are transformed.

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Manzana case study
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