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Monographic Studies of the Nectriaceae

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A phylogenetic and monographic study of Oxypolis, Ptilimnium, and closely related genera (Apiaceae)

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Monographic Studies of the Nectriaceae

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MONOGRAPHIC STUDIES OF THE NECTRIACEAE (HYPOCREALES, ASCOMYCOTA): NECTRIA, NEONECTRIA, AND COSMOSPORA This study will define the taxonomy of three major genera of the Nectriaceae: Nectria, Cosmospora, and genera are significant because they include several species that are widespread plant pathogens and potential biological control agents of insects.

A monographic study of the ascomycetous genus Camillea and its segregates has been published. Twenty-nine taxa, including 5 new species and 12 new combinations were published.

The new genus Leprieuria was erected. This is the first monographic study entirely devoted to the study of the subjective valuation theory. The explanation of all economic activity that takes place in the market economy ultimately rests on the subjective theory of value.

A phylogenetic and monographic study of Oxypolis, Ptilimnium, and closely related genera in the North American endemics clade of tribe Oenantheae (Apiaceae) was carried out. ‘Since the monographic study of permineralized microfossils in Doushantuo cherts and phosphorites, several reports of new microfossils and new localities have appeared in the literature.’ ‘He has written the first monographic analysis of the complete corpus of the.

Monographic definition, a treatise on a particular subject, as a biographical study or study of the works of one artist. See more.

Monographic study
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