Pa 499 capstone in paralegal studies

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Legal Studies Bachelor\'s Degree

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PLG 499: Paralegal Capstone

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PA 499 Bachelor’s Capstone in Paralegal Studies

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Bachelor's in Legal Studies degree programs develop foundational knowledge of law and legal procedures, with students engaging in fundamental aspects of the field, including knowledge of various forms of law, court proceedings, trial preparation, legal research and writing, investigation, and more.

Mississippi College’s Department of History and Political Science offers a host of undergraduate law programs, including the BS in Paralegal Studies and the Minor in Paralegal Studies, both of which prepare students to become valued members of the legal team through a comprehensive course of study in the law and paralegal profession.

Based in and around Miami, FIU serves over 56, students annually. The school offers an online bachelor of science in information technology that prepares students for entry- and mid-level positions in IT field. Students take the program fully online with no required campus visits, and FIU offers three convenient start dates in the fall, spring, or summer.

B.S. Legal Studies - Pre-Law

Here is the best resource for homework help with CAPSTONE PA Bachelors of Capstones in Paralegal Studies at Kaplan University. Find CAPSTONEPA This college offers post-associate paralegal certificate programs (31 credit hours) in general paralegal studies, business, and litigation.

As just one of four colleges in Maryland to earn ABA approval, students can feel confident knowing they’re receiving the most contemporary instruction on current legal issues, along with all the necessary. Apr 15,  · A video breakdown of my trial notebook to be used in court for the Capstone Mock Trial Project.

Pa 499 capstone in paralegal studies
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