Psy 201 case study

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The Case Against Alphabetical Naming of Authors

PSY/ FOUNDATIONS OF PSYCHOLOGY Case Study Assignment Tamanisha Jones / Subject: Brittney Johnson Case study subject Brittney Johnson is twenty-two years of age.

She is a single parent of a four year old son.


Brittney is currently a junior at The University of Memphis and is working an hourly job at a call center Monday through Friday. Diagnoses for Sample Case Studies. The following are sample diagnoses for the Sample Case Studies on this page.

Case study 1. Major Depressive Disorder (single episode) Return to Case Studies Case study 2. Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Return to Case Studies Case study 3. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Return to Case Studies.

PSY The Psychology Major Module 6: Assignment 2: PowerPoint Presentation Project DIRECTIONS: Read through the assignment and create your presentation. Submit your PowerPoint slides to the designated assignment Dropbox (6b).

Show up in Elluminate at your assigned time to present to your group. PSY Week 8 Depression Brochure Imagine you work for a small clinic that offers counseling.

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Recently, a large number of people have come in wanting to seek treatment for their depression. Case Studies. Guidelines to writing. A case study – is a worldwide used problem-solving method to analyze subject-related tasks.

If you are studying business or economics, you better perfect your line, because you are going to use it very often. The goal of this type of work is to harden the skills of analyzing life situations by means of stored knowledge on the subject.

Psy 201 case study
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