Reasons to study philosophy in university

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Reasons to Study Philosophy

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We niche about our students. If money was not a sentence, how would you live your genuine?. The study of Philosophy provides one with the intellectual tools necessary to evaluate different possible life-choices so that one will be better prepared to find a meaningful direction for one’s life.

Perhaps the chief practical reason to study philosophy is to acquire a very valuable set of skills. 5 Reasons to Study Philosophy.

a philosopher and novelist, studied philosophy at Barnard and then earned her Ph.D. in philosophy at Princeton University. She has written several books, won a MacArthur “Genius Award” inand.

Department of Philosophy

Safety - The University of Kent also has its own campus security team – Campus Watch – to ensure the safety of all staff, students and visitors. 'The Paris summer school was a great opportunity to meet new friends and learn about a new city.' Philosophy graduate.

In the Spring issue of Think, Editor Dr. Stephen Law explains why choosing to study philosophy is a wise career move.

Why Study Philosophy?

Philosophy is fascinating, which is one of the best reasons to study anything. But there are other good reasons to study philosophy, particularly at university.

There are so many reasons for studying African philosophy and thought. It helps in creating a peaceful coexistence among the African people. It fosters a way of life which goes in line with the African people.

Philosophy facilitates serious reflection on your most fundamental beliefs and values, enabling you to clarify your most basic concepts and discover the reasons you have for thinking and acting in .

Reasons to study philosophy in university
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Why Study Philosophy? — Philosophy