The ofiice superstore case study

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Case studies

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Office fit out in Saffron Walden, Essex

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The Home of Quality Office Supplies at Affordable Prices. Office Choice is your one-stop shop for essential office supplies, from office stationery and filing products, to printers, shredders, tech solutions and more. Examines the CompUSA organization, focusing especially on the operations and the company culture.

Highlights the economics of PC retailing and the importance of a responsive supply chain for their product category. The description of company culture emphasizes the role of people-management and incentives in achieving responsiveness. So PGA TOUR Superstore’s Alison Hamilton found a way to actually improve her department’s document workflow process while reducing expenses.

With the increased productivity, she was then able to reduce costs further by requiring fewer staff. Used Office Furniture Liquidation and Sales for Cincinnati, Louisville, Lexington, Dayton, Columbus, Indianapolis & Beyond. Whether you want to sell or buy used office furniture, Liquidators World is the pre-owned office furniture company you can turn to for exceptional service and fair prices.

NSCC offers over diverse programs at 13 campuses across Nova Scotia.

The ofiice superstore case study
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