Vodafone case study tax

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The Vodafone Case and Its Effects on Indian Taxation (article)

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Vodafone Wins Tax Case in India

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Case Law – Vodafone Case Vs Income Tax Department

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Azadi Bachao Andolan & Vodafone decisions together are open licence to people for massive abuse of tax havens & DTA. The Indian Supreme Court issued its decision in the landmark Vodafone case on January 20, concluding that India should not tax Vodafone on the sale of a foreign company's shares outside that country, even though the transaction involved an indirect transfer of an underlying Indian company.

Case Law – Vodafone Case Vs Income Tax Department

The Court. Vodafone Group won another big tax battle in India as a local court ruled Thursday that it didn’t owe potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in back taxes. Vodafone Tax Case V/s Arindam Daschowdhury (PGDM ) Deepak B.S. (PGDM ) Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Fact of Case – During the AYVodafone India issue equity share to Vodafone Holding at premium and the same is mentioned in 3CEB in tax audit report. The issue of share is as follws. The issue of share is as follws.

Hi Friends Here in this article you can find all details related to Vodafone Case like – details of Vodafone Case, Details of Tax Authority’s Contention, Details for Bombay High Court Decision, Details for Supreme Court’s Decision etc.

Vodafone case study tax
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